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NLNG: Major Milestones​​

May 17, 1989 - Incorporation of Nigeria LNG Limited
November, 1995 -Final Investment Decision (FID) by shareholders for Trains 1 and 2
February, 1996 -Commencement of plant construction
September, 1998-Completion of Gas Transmission System
February, 1999 -Final Investment Decision (FID) by shareholders for Train 3
August 12, 1999 -Plant Ready For Start-Up with Train 2
September 15, 1999-Commencement of production
October 9, 1999 -Export of first LNG cargo
February 27, 2000-Start-Up of Train 1
March 31, 2000-Completion of Initial Supply Period
April 4, 2000 -Export of first Condensate cargo
May 25, 2000-Export of first LNG spot cargo
August 5, 2000 -Export of 50th LNG Cargo
September 21, 2000-Plant Commissioning Ceremony
February 4, 2001-Export of 100th LNG cargo
September 30, 2001-End of Build Up Period
October 1, 2001-Commencement of Contract Year
March 20, 2002 -Final Investment Decision (FID) by shareholders for Trains 4 and 5
March 22, 2002 -EPC Contract Award to TSKJ for Trains 4 and 5
November 7, 2002-Train 3 ready for Start-Up
November 28, 2002-Commencement of LNG production from Train 3
December 17, 2002-First LNG shipment from Train 3, three months ahead of schedule
January 21, 2003-Signing of the $1.6 billion loan for NLNGPlus
February, 2003-Start-Up of LPG Facility
June 25, 2003-First Shipment of LPG from NLNG Plant, Bonny
July, 2004-Final Investment Decision (FID) by shareholders for Train 6 (NLNGSix)
November, 2005-Start-Up of Train 4
February, 2006-Start-Up of Train 5
December, 2006-1000th LNG Cargo
June, 2007-Feedgas reception facilities for the 6-Train complex became fully operational
October, 2007 -First Butane cargo destined for domestic market loaded
December, 2007-Hand over of Train 6 to NLNG's Production Division. Record rundown of LNG to storage tanks within nine days of hand-over
May, 2008-Nigerianisation of the Managing Director position
October, 2009-10 years of LNG, NGLs production
October, 2010-Export of 2000th LNG cargo
December, 2012-Highest number of cargoes produced in a year (333)
January, 2014-Shipment of 3000th LNG cargo ​


Core Values


NLNG Leadership Behaviors

Open Communication
Promoting Collaboration
Role Modelling
Being Fact Based
Displaying Selflessness
Empowering to Deliver
Continuous Improvement
Effective/ Speed of Decision Making
Creating a Sense of Urgency


​NSML is committed to ensure that Nigerian crews are well represented in numbers of officers that work onboard NLNG Vessels and third​ party charterers. The Nigerianization P​​lan is to ensure that Nigerians are recruited straight from the cadetship phase and sponsored to obtain the CoCs in schools abroad after which their careers with the company is appropriately monitored and managed as they rise within th​e ranks.​

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Bonny Gas Transport Limited was established in 1989, following the incorporation of Nigeria LNG Limited, to provide shipping capacity for NLNG project.

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