Bonny Gas Transport Limited

Bonny Gas Transport Limited was established in 1989, following the incorporation of Nigeria LNG Limited, to provide shipping capacity for NLNG project. The company was set up with an ordinary equity holding from Nigeria LNG Limited and preferential equity holding from the sponsors, NLNG’s shareholders. ​

  • NLNG Shipping

    NLNG has a total of 23 ships on long-term charter for its six-train operation. All 23 ships are utilised on an integrated scheduling basis and load at NLNG Terminal in Bonny, Nigeria...

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  • Major Milestones in BGT

    BGT recorded several milestones after its incorporation in 1989. The company's first ships were LNG Bonny and LNG Finima... 


  • BGT Ships in Photos

    Experience the beauty and grandeur of BGT ships in photographs. The ships are of two types: the Membranes and the Moss. Each type comes with a distinct feature which defines its beauty...




Base Trains​​

In 1990, the company raised a third party loan of $132 million through Citibank to buy four ships for the Base Projects. The ships, which had previously been built for another company but were not in use, were refurbished and put into interim business until the plant began operations.

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Professor Ayo Banjo, Professor Akachi Ezeigbo & Dr Jerry Agada Speak about the Nigeria Prize ​​​

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